Director's welcome

Welcome to the German International School The Hague!
Willkommen an der Deutschen Internationalen Schule Den Haag!
Welkom op de Duitse Internationale School s‘Gravenhage!

Dear parents, dear students,

On behalf of our entire school community, I would like to welcome you to our school’s website.

Relocating to The Hague is an exciting step for many families. After all, you have not only changed where you live but also your job, your circle of friends as well as your daily environment. Suddenly, new opportunities arise including finding your way to a new school.

We understand the small and big challenges you are now facing. Thanks to years of experience working with international families, we are well prepared when it comes to integrating newcomers into our school community. Our entire team takes great effort to keep your children’s curiosity and enjoyment of learning at a peak in order to ensure their success

Our mission statement speaks for itself: “Open your child’s world, expand their horizons.” This objective highlights the premise behind every decision we make.

The school is centrally located in The Hague’s International Zone and enjoys close proximity to the beach, numerous international institutions and renowned museums. Thanks to this advantageous position, we are able to open up our classroom to nature, politics and culture in a unique way, thus following Pestalozzi’s ideal of an education with “head, heart and hand”.

The DISDH offers its students a German course of education with all its specific degrees and qualifications. It is the only school in The Hague that prepares students for the German high school diploma, the “Abitur”. Here, our students achieve exam results that are above average. With the German International Abitur, our alumni hold one of the most prestigious school leaving certificates worldwide, giving them access to first-class study programmes at top international universities throughout the world.

Life at the DISDH is characterised by mutual respect among students and between students and teachers. This is the very foundation of our excellent school community to which also parents and alumni feel committed. A website can only provide you with a first impression. So, please do not hesitate to visit us and experience the vitality of our school and the spirit of our school community. We invite you to learn more about our school and look forward to answering any questions you may have concerning admissions and individual support for your child.

We look forward to you, parents and students!
Wir freuen uns auf Sie und Euch!
We kijken ernaar uit om u en jou!

      Uwe Hinxlage
     School Principal



 Uwe Hinxlage