DISDH receives certification as an excellent school

Each school has its own mission statement. There are few schools at which it can be completely cited, but there is hardly a school which truly embodies its mission statement as do we.

After an intensive week filled with meetings and inspections, it was not only the general school climate which was praised but also the particularly high level of satisfaction with which students and parents view DISDH. Compared internationally, the high school leaving results are outstanding and of very high quality. „You have high expectations for your students and they are fulfilled above all, because highly committed teachers offer professional support,” noted Mrs. Schröder-Klein, the federal representative at the inspection.

The integration of new international students, the competent advancement to highly qualified high school leaving diplomas as well as the excellent cooperation seen throughout the school community have all been ascertained as great strengths of the DISDH.

DISDH has proven once again in its second inspection cycle that with right it is deemed an excellent German School Abroad. We are both pleased and very proud to have had this honour bestowed upon us.