Great Success for DISDH - "Jugend Forscht"

Terrain handbikes, balloons, grasshoppers, school exams, dust filters and tulips from Holland - all different but still the same? Where is the connection?

All of these projects were worked on and created in this year's Jufo-Activity Group. For several months, twelve students in six projects developed questions and trials, worked and constructed, observed and evaluated. And all this for one goal: a presentation at the regional or even the state competition. This year, once again the special assignment was rewarded. We sincerely congratulate this year's award winners.

State competition

1st prize, Physics, 66 balloons - a shrinking study
Artemi, 5a
Julia, 5b
Sofia, 5b

2nd prize, Biology - Tulips from Holland

Vera, 6a
Leandra, 6a

3rd prize, Technology - Waste filters for rivers
Laura, 7b
Dena, 7b

Regional competition

2nd prize, Biology - Terror in the Biology Room
Paula, 5a
Viktoria, 5b
Ann-Sophie, 5b

2nd prize, Technology - The terrain handbike
Woitjech, 10

3rd prize, Working world - What makes you fit for school exams?
Lara, 6b
Elena, 6b