German Language Diploma examinations at DISDH

“Taking part makes you a winner!“

Those were our thoughts before the beginning of the Language Diploma examinations. On 9 March 2017, the written examinations for the German Language Diploma (DSD I) took place for the very first time at our school. These were followed by oral examinations on 21 and 22 March.
We were all excited but also very happy because we were getting the chance to show what we had learned. We were also being given the chance to get a diploma. We found the tests very interesting and also well organized - really professional!
In the written part, which lasted 4 hours, we felt as though we were writing our “Abitur”. There were different tasks: We had to understand spoken texts, assign different pictures, read a lot, answer questions about the text and finally write a letter to the editor. It was a lot of work, but it 4 hours of work invested in our future.
The presentation test was the most relaxing part of the exams. It was the last part of the exam and everything else was behind us. Each of us had chosen our own topic and had had sufficient time to prepare for the presentation and check on vocabulary. We had quite different themes including "Fairtrade", “Judo" and "the VW beetle ".
The DSD I tests were organised by Ms. Brackmann who is a professional advisor for the ZfA (Central Organisation for German Schools Abroad) and has her office at school - thank you very much!
Thank you also to Ms. Turohan and with Ms. with whom we were able to practice for the exam.

We wish all future exam takers much luck and success. Just keep in mind – “Language is the goal!”

The article was written by Emilie, Ilya, Jessica, Kim, Luise, Marie-Liesse, Pierre, Ruxandra and Tamara with Vera.