Ceremony of the 24th German-Dutch Literature Competition

On 14 April 2016, the award ceremony for the 24th German-Dutch Literary Competition was held at the DISDH. For this purpose, some 150 invited guests gathered in the large Sports Hall, including the winners of the competition, their parents, sponsors and, organisers.

At 6 pm, the evening started with a “Borrel”. Grade 11 students served snacks and drinks ensuring that all guests were ready for the upcoming ceremony which was officially opened by the appearance of DISDH Children’s Choir "Chorillas". After some welcoming words by the DISDH Principal Uwe Hinxlage and the Swiss Ambassador, Urs Breiter, the presenter of the evening, Ms. Daria Bouwman from the Austrian Embassy was handed the microphone. The next point on the programme was an appearance by the DISDH Theatre AG that picked up on the theme of the new novel “Alien” written by the Swiss author, Peter Stamm who continued the ceremony with a reading from his book ”Weit über das Land” which was published in February 2015. We learned more about the author and his writing through an interview conducted by DISDH teacher Steffen Keim. After a brief musical interlude, the real highlight of the 24th German-Dutch Literary Competition began. The winners were announced. Katja van Rooten from Pontes Pieter Zeeman School in Zierikzee was the happy winner. She won the Literary Competition, leaving Mariette van Waanroij, from the same school and Bianca Niekerk from Revius Lyceum in Doorn in 2nd and 3rd place. Not only the top three winners enjoyed attractive prices, but also all the other winners received prizes and praise for their work. We would like to take this opportunity to say thank you to all the sponsors.

After Katja firmly stood as the winner, together with Peter Stamm, she had the honour of presenting her translation on stage. After a long round of applause for all award winners, Uwe Hinxlage held a closing speech again thanking all sponsors, Peter Stamm, the jury and all those who worked on creating the perfect framework for the presentation of the awards. The ceremony was followed with a get-together, good conversations and a lot of praise for the winners and organisers. Furthermore, guests were given the opportunity to purchase books written and hand signed by the author himself, Peter Stamm.

Next year, the competition celebrates its 25th anniversary. The 24th episode has already created great anticipation!

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