51th THIMUN Conference in The Hague

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Friday, 1 February

Final day at THIMUN: once again an educational and exciting week for students from all over the world at THIMUN comes to an end. The interesting and international encounters will certainly be remembered by the participants for a very long time. The delegates were opened up completely new perspectives by the diverse debates and lectures on current issues. A quote from a DISDH student : "I met so many great people and made new contacts. I joined THIMUN for the first time and so I didn't know what to expect. Now I'm already looking forward to next year." After the official closing ceremony and another walk through the "snow-covered" The Hague, the students are now back on their way home. A special thank you goes to all the families who have welcomed the international guests this week.

Thursday, 31 January

Thursday was also marked by debating on different global issues through the perspective of the country represented. In addition, the well-known and award-winning Dutch cartoonist Tjeerd Royaards gave a lecture on the power of cartoons. The delegates showed great interest in the exciting presentation.

Wednesday, 30 January

Wednesday marked the middle of THIMUN. Students have become familiar with their surroundings and feel more comfortable in their respective roles as admins, delegates, chairs and presidents. In the individual committees which focus on all aspects of the UN including Human Rights, Sustainable Development and Security Council, clauses in resolutions have been amended, discussed and debated.

As is the case every year, in order to give the thousands of students and teachers attending THIMUN the chance to get to know the Netherlands, the conference is only in session for a half day on Wednesdays. The participants had the afternoon off to enjoy some sightseeing, museums and shopping. And for some at THIMUN, the day began with something very special – snow! There are many who take part in THIMUN who come from countries where there is no real winter and so, for many, this meant seeing snow for the very first time in their lives. Disappointing for them that it was so quick to end.

Tuesday, 29 January

On Tuesday, resolutions were edited and approved and the debating began. The time had come for students to demonstrate their hard work and preparation for the conference. By addressing their committees with speeches and points of information, they delved deeper into the UN topics facing the world today.
After a long day of debate, a special event awaited all THIMUN participants in the evening. There was a screening of the documentary "Trumping Democracy" in the World Forum. Following the film, the director of the movie who has especially travelled to The Hague for the event presented for a Q & A session with the students.

Monday, 28 January

Monday, the official first day of the THIMUN 2019 conference, saw the coming together of students who traveled to the Netherlands from over 110 countries from around the world. The students gathered in their committees to lobby with their fellow delegates looking for supporters of their points of view culminating in the writing of UN resolutions which are to be debated through the rest of the week.
In the afternoon, the Theatre in the World Forum was the showcase for the Opening Ceremonies. Following the traditional flag parade, there were speeches held by the Deputy Mayor of The Hague, the Chairman of the THIMUN Board, the keynote speaker Professor Guy Standing and the Secretary General of THIMUN 2019.
The warm welcome from The Hague continued in the evening with a reception for the hundreds of teachers who accompany their students to the conference. The Deputy Mayor and city graciously welcomed her guests in the City Hall with a "borrel".

Sunday, 27 January

Although the 51st THIMUN conference officially begins today, there was a flurry of activity at the World Forum over the weekend. It all began with DISDH students setting up laptops and equipment in the Approval Panel, Press Room and Secretariat on Saturday morning. In the afternoon, they were joined by hundreds of other students from international schools in The Hague to take part in a briefing preparing them for the work ahead. Together they make up the vital group of administrative staff , also known as "admins" who keep the conference running throughout the week.

On Sunday, registration began for the thousands of students who come to The Hague from all over the world to participate in the conference. In the afternoon, those students being housed met with their host families. A special thank you to all DISDH families housing students this week.
The group of students who were appointed the honoured roles of chairing and running the various committees had a full day workshop to prepare them for their daunting task. And so on Monday, it really all begins. We wish all our DISDH students a great week and look forward to hearing about the tremendous experience they are about to embark upon.