Image: When mathematics becomes culinary

"Liters and milliliters" is the current topic of grade 4 mathematic lessons. "How many milliliters are a liter?", "How does the recipe change if I want to prepare the dish for a larger group?" are the student’s questions when dealing with units of measure in recipes.

Image: Grade 3 in love with reading - A very special book presentation

In a creative and child-friendly way, the boys and girls of grade 3 dealt with the topic "book presentation”. Eager and with great attention to detail, the students created little fantasy worlds in shoe boxes showing an important place of their favourite book.

Image: Good to see you again!

From today, small groups of our Primary school students, as well as Kindergarten and Preschool children are back at DISDH. Seeing their friends and teachers back, today's school opening certainly is a bit of normality for many of them.


Due to the gradual easing of regulations by the Dutch health authorities, students will return to school in phases - step by step -, from Monday 11 May. We will continue to keep our school community informed via email.

Image: What a lovely surprise from our students.

The entire DISDH team sends you and your families best wishes!

Image: DISDH students in Cambridge

Cambridge: Meeting point for hundreds of students who participated at Cambridge Model United Nations (CAMMUN). For the first time, DISDH was also represented in Cambridge by 8 students to debate topics in a simulation of the United Nations.

Image: An exciting journey into the world of books – Finn-Ole Heinrich at DISDH

Finn-Ole Heinrich has taken our students on a journey; a journey into the world of Frerk and Maulina Schmitt. The filmmaker and author of books for children, teens and adults delved into three of his works.

Image: What do you want to be when you grow up?

A pilot, a librarian, an employee from the European Space Agency, two architects and a prosecutor were all seen wandering through the corridors of DISDH. What has happened?

Image: Grade 4a and 4b always one step ahead

It was a busy Sunday morning at The Hague Central Station where in the middle of it all, students from both grade 4 classes excitedly prepared to embark on their trip amidst the “Sabine” storm.

Image: Andreas Hoppe at DISDH

In October 2019, Hoppe published his new book "Die Hoffnung und der Wolf" (Hope and the Wolf). Thanks to its great success, he has been on a reading tour ever since. What a treat that he made a stop for an event at DISDH!

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