Image: Lara wins DISDH Photo Competition 2017

This year’s DISDH Photo Competition was once again a great success. The jury made up of the photographer Erik-Jan Ouwerkerk, Hanna Hannappel and Knut Vogeler, had a hard time choosing from among the 39 entries.

Image: „KROCKY-Mobil"  visits our Primary School

Over the last weeks, the “KROCKY-Mobil” could be seen driving about The Hague. The information bus from the Initiative for healthy jaws visited various Primary Schools including the DISDH.

Image: DISDH creates international "Boekenkastjes"

New at DISDH – “Buurt Boekenkastjes”! Flexible miniature libraries for borrowing, replacing and enjoying international books with a very simple principle: Take a book, give a book!

Image: DISDH at "1, 2 oder 3"!

On 1 June, the journey began. Organised by several volunteers, our fourth graders accompanied by their teachers and some parents set out for Munich by train to take part in the TV programme “1, 2 oder 3” which originally started out in 1977 and is currently recorded in the Bavaria Film Studios.

Image: Sports Day at DISDH - A great time for all

The annual DISDH Sports Day for grades 1 to 10 took place on 30 June 2017. All students were divided into groups across grades and participated in fun relay races throughout the morning.

Image: "Pullerpause" And Much More with Author Franziska Gehm

Once again a lovely tradition was continued at DISDH. The school library organises readings for our pupils from their flea market proceeds, DISDH welcomed Franziska Gehm where some 180 pupils were able to enjoy a total of three events.

Image: “Looking For The Beat”

On Monday evening 26 June, the moment had finally arrived when 16 pupils from grades 1 to 4 adorned the stage ready to perform their musical.

Image: Theatre AG Inspires Audience

Three great performances were brought on stage to three packed halls. That was the result of months of preparation by the DISDH Theatre AG.

Image: AG Presentation Day attracts many visitors

40 different after school Activity Groups (AG) were offered during the 2016-17 DISDH school year. During the AG-Presentation Day, visitors had the chance to get a feel for the wide range of activities available.

Image: Preschool children become Hundertwasser artists

Hundertwasser believed that man and nature should live together in harmony. In his paintings, he never incorporated straight lines as he believed that these contradict the forms of nature. Preschool children integrated this premise into their works and designs in an artistic Preschool project.

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