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Primary School Christmas Arts and Crafts Workshop
Datum Aktivität: 12/13/2017

Each year, we do not only look forward to Christmas but also to the traditional Primary School Christmas Arts and Crafts Workshop at the German International School The Hague which has become a tradition in its own right. On Wednesday 13 December 2017, the day had finally arrived.

In the weeks before, our creative parents and colleagues brainstormed and gathered ideas to provide fantastic crafting offerings at our workshop. At 25 different stations located within the Primary School and the Sports Hall, children from Preschool up to grade 4 expressed their creativity with great eagerness and enthusiasm. Our guests from the neighbouring Dutch Duinnoord School also had a great time.

The results were amazing: little angels, stars made from paper bags, Christmas cards and tree decorations, garlands, nicely decorated tea lights, delicious cakes and much more. At the end of the day, the children proudly took home their bags filled with handicrafts. The DISDH parents prepared a delicious and varied food buffet for the many creative minds. Accompanied by the singing of traditional Christmas songs, the festive season was tangible throughout the school.

Many thanks to all the helping hands who enriched this special day!