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Sinterklaas visits DISDH
Datum Aktivität: 12/7/2017

Once again this year, Sinterklaas visited DISDH. And of course, once at our school, he made sure to see even the youngest children at our DISDH Kindergarten. In thrilling expectation, they crowded in front of the door allowing not even a crack open for Sinterklaas and his helper, Piet to get through. Once he arrived, the children greeted the great Sinterklaas with his white beard and long red coat with a song especially prepared for the season.

As Sinterklaas is known for bringing gifts to children, this year the children prepared lovely gifts for Sinter Klaas in return. Beautiful handicrafts and drawings were given to Sinter Klaas and he promised the children he would bring them to his big palace in Spain.

After the sweets were distributed, the children said goodbye to Sinterklaas singing the Dutch classic, 'Dag Sinterklaasje'. A beautiful morning in Kindergarten came to an end. Until next year dear Sint!