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Hintzen Book Shop attracts a big crowd at DISDH
Datum Aktivität: 12/4/2017

For the seventh time in a row, Hintzen Book Shop in Kleve came to DISDH for a Pre-Christmas book sale.

Once again this year, the two booksellers Sigrun Hintzen and Eckhard Erdmann presented their favourite books as part of the Parents Café programme. Both this event and the subsequent book sale were met with great interest which is in fact not at all surprising. When do German people living in the Netherlands have the opportunity to browse through a real German bookstore with the added advantage of excellent advice?

The selection of books was extensive.They were spread across ten large tables and the windowsill of the smaller of the two DISDH Sports Halls. There was interesting books available for all ages from children's literature to adult reading with especially beautiful collector's issues, Christmas and annual calendars and much more on display.

We are pleased that we were once again able to offer this popular service and wish everyone much pleasure with their reading.