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DISDH Participation at the Nationwide Reading Day
Datum Aktivität: 11/21/2017

This year, the Nationwide Reading Day set an effective mark for the importance of reading with a record number of over 170,000 readers. Children need role models to teach them the joy of reading, helping to ensure that they too one day will enthusiastically turn to books, newspapers and e-books themselves.

Not only children in Germany shared the joy of reading, but also children at 14 German schools abroad, who also participated in the event. DISDH Primary School was a proud to take part as well. The success of the Reading Day was highlighted by the grandparents who travelled to The Hague to read to children on this special day. For the grandchildren, it was an especially exciting event. They were ecstatic to see their grandparents reading aloud in their very own school. Grandmothers and grandfathers were welcomed and read aloud in two rounds. Reading material included fairy tales, Christmas stories and other children's books from well-known authors of children’s literature

In preparation, the children made sure that everything was ready for the big day. Blankets, pillows and warm candle light helped set the stage in the classrooms. Lost in the moment, the children even forgot about their recess as they wanted to stay inside and listen to even more stories.

Our Primary School children shared their thoughts with us:

Luisa: "I cuddled up and listened. The story took place in my mind and I found it interesting to hear old words. I found all three grandmas very nice. "

Jacob: "It was very cosy. We could rest our heads on the pillows and some people even drank tea. Our class was very quiet and so we could all hear very well. It was also very nice because old stories were read aloud as well. "

Victor: "I thought it was great that grandparents were here just for us."

As a thank you, the grandparents received a certificate and souvenir photos of the classes involved.

See the photos of the event here.