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Prof. Dr. Enging at DISDH
Datum Aktivität: 11/2/2017

For the second year in a row, we had the pleasure of welcoming the education specialist, Prof. Dr Havva Engin to the DISDH. In an interesting and entertaining presentation entitled "The Importance of Family / Source Language for Language Acquisition", Engin explained the importance of the emotional anchoring of a language to both parents and teachers. "Language is a means of communication in a context that is shaped not by functionality alone but also through interpersonal relationships. Success factors for multi-language learning are a high qualitative and a quantitative input of language taken together with the important component of emotional attachment of language, which can be shaped in everyday family life as well as in academic communication situations ", the professor explained.

A practical implementation of these findings took place the next day in a workshop for children and pupils. Reflecting on their world of experience, Kindergarten, Preschool and Primary School children were given the opportunity to read and listen to the multilingual children's book "Who ate my ice cream" in different languages showing appreciation and enthusiasm for their linguistic diversity.

We are very pleased to inform you that our library has a growing range of bilingual children's books. We gladly accept requests for book purchases in the library.