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"Learning to learn" in Noordwijk
Datum Aktivität: 9/9/2017

How can I learn effectively and efficiently? This was the main topic 31 DISDH students from grades 5 worked on during a two-day seminar at the North Sea coast.

How do I learn effectively and how do I prepare for exams? What are the rules for working in a group and what are the benefits of group work? What is to be considered when setting up my workplace and how do I keep my books clear? All these questions were answered within the seminar or worked out by the students themselves. The DISDH pupils showed great enthusiasm.

Most of the content was analysed by means of small experiments or in a playful manner. Variety was the key to the success.

Fortunately the beach was right in front of their eyes. This made it possible, among other things, to have an exhilarating beach picnic before going on a joint werewolf search in the evening.