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DISDH creates international "Boekenkastjes"
Datum Aktivität: 7/5/2017

New at DISDH – “Buurt Boekenkastjes”! Flexible miniature libraries for borrowing, replacing and enjoying international books with a very simple principle: Take a book, give a book!

During the last week of school, students at DISDH worked on a variety of projects letting thier creativity take reign. In our project, we focused our attention on creating "Boekenkastjes“ - flexible miniature libraries from which international books can be borrowed. "Beokenkastjes" are a phenomenon we have only seen in the Netherlands.

The priniple is rather simple - you may borrow a book as long as you put another one its place thus creating an exchange of books. We split it up into groups and recycled shelves, a doll's house and even a nightstand. We then used these as the basis for our mini-libraries and stretched our creativity to its limits building a Mondrian House for Kindergarten and a Flower House for the main foyer plus three additional themed "Boekenkastjes"

We invite you to come and see our little houses and surprise yourselves by the books available for your reading pleasure.

Have fun discovering reading and exchanging books!

Best regards from Anna, Bjarne, Chiara Maria (article's author),Christoph, Finn, Kyriakos, Lennart (photographer), Louis, Max und Maximilian