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"Pullerpause" And Much More with Author Franziska Gehm
Datum Aktivität: 6/30/2017

Once again a lovely tradition was continued at DISDH. The school library organises readings for our pupils from their flea market proceeds, DISDH welcomed Franziska Gehm to our school where some 180 pupils were able to enjoy a total of three events. The fact that Mrs. Gehm offers diverse reading material for age groups running from 6 to 15 makes her a very versatile author. She has already published more than 60 books of different styles and contents. In addition, she not only skillfully uses a variety of vocal styles and, if necessary, vocal colouring, but she also involves the listeners by assigning them roles with the added plus of having a stock of costumes and props on hand.

One example was the challenging book „Pullerpause im Tal der Ahnungslosen“, in which the protagonists found themselves on a journey to the Middle Ages in Honnecker´s GDR. Among other things, they learned that children were called pioneers (Frau Gehm even brought a real shirt from that time period), in which there were no fruits or vegetables from the South but only that which was locally grown. In a clever manner, she plays with the past and the future, because those on the time journey know that a few years later, the GDR will no longer exist – a fact which no one believes. That is just one small example of the author's multi-faceted narrative in which knowledge is conveyed by entertaining the listeners. During all the readings, the students’ enthusiasm was clearly tangible as was demonstrated by the many questions addressed to the author.

The library will continue to sell Gehm´s books this week and after the holidays, the books will all be available in the library to borrow. We would like to thank Mrs. Gehm once more for her visit!