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Our A2 language exam: A great experience!
Datum Aktivität: 6/7/2017

The school subject "German as a foreign language" (DaF) is an integral part of many DISDH students' timetables. Recently some students completed their A2 language exam. In the following article, the students report themselves.

The written A2 language tests were written on 23 May and the oral examinations were held on 29 May and 30 May. During the written exam, we worked in the physics room whereas the oral exam took place in the rooms of grades 7 and 9.
We all found the exams quite easy and will all be receiving an A2 diploma. Some of us felt a bit nervous about the poster presentation. But in the end everyone was proud of themselves and their classmates! Our excitement came from the fact that we could not know which questions the examiners would ask about our posters.

We wish all students taking the A2 texts next year all the best!

The article was written together in the DaF lesson by:
Gabriel, Jacopo and Maria Luisa