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When the lights go out on Friday
Datum Aktivität: 5/23/2017

Our fourth graders spent an exciting night in the school building. That which is normal in everyday life at school became very exciting last Friday! Grades 4a and b spent the night in the school building at DISDH. At first, the pupils together with theirr parents and siblings gathered for a barbecue. With delicious food and a good atmosphere, everyone enjoyed the warm summer evening. By 8 pm, however, parents had to say goodbye to their children. Thus the children, apart from two supervising teachers, were all alone in the school building which was surely great for them. There were at first no thoughts of going to “bed”. Instead, the children played football in the gym and hide-and-seek in the dark. On top of that, there was also time for treasure hunts and watching movies. At a later hour, however, fatigue slowly set and sleeping mats, mattresses and sleeping bags were laid out in the library. What a great start to the weekend!