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Primary School Gathering, Scary Orchestra and Shadow Play
Datum Aktivität: 4/9/2017

Light and shadow in class2B

Pupils from class 2B covered the topic "light and shadow" in their social studies lessons. At the end of the lesson series, the children were divided into small groups to think up and write their own stories. In the context of their respective tales, stick figures were created together which later took on the main roles in the “Shadow Theatre”

Grades 4 visit the Zuiderstrandtheater

A few weeks ago, grades 4A and B were guests at the Zuiderstrandtheater. Together they watched the play 'Het Griezelorkest' (The scary Orchestra). Packed in a creepy story, the children were told how an orchestra is set up. Our students were impressed not only by the play, but also by the building itself. Thus an exciting morning was had by all.

Primary School Gathering

Once again, the Preschool group and the Primary School grades presented results of their work in the form of songs, stories, shadow pictures, poems, amazing magic tricks and even a self-written play. Even the youngest presented a beautiful spring song and surprised everyone with flying birds at the end. It was wonderful to see how the children proudly and fully concentrated presented their performances and listened attentively to their fellow pupils.