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"We should start doing that all the time!" - Healthy breakfast in Primary School
Datum Aktivität: 1/22/2017

"We should start doing that all the time!" That's what our first graders thought after they had prepared a healthy breakfast. The preparation itself was a lot of fun and afterwards everyone had a great appetite for all the delicious food.

For several weeks, the topic "healthy diet" was covered in grade 1a. The children have figured out that food can be divided into different groups and that some food groups should be consumed more often. With the help of experiments, the children learned that cucumbers and apples contain a lot of water. Cheese, sausages, nuts and the like are in contrast very fatty. They were all somewhat shocked to learn how much sugar was hidden is in some foods even though they did not even taste sweet. A stack of 19 sugar cubes represents the amount of sugar in just one can of lemonade. On the other hand, mineral water contains no sugar at all.

The children now know that fruits contain vitamins and that keep them healthy and fit and therefore they are now trying to eat "5 a day"- a total of five servings of fruit and vegetables daily. That this is not self-evident is what the students realised  when they had to keep a fruit-vegetable diary.

As a finale, the children prepared healthy food themselves for a joint breakfast in class. Fruit was washed and cut and curd was stirred. Afterwards, everyone could eat some healthy oatmeal, curd, delicious fruit salad and bread which was baked by a mother.

At the end most children thought: "We should start doing that all the time!"