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Many colors at the annual St. Martin Parade
Datum Aktivität: 11/10/2016

On Friday 11 November 2016, the annual Saint Martin procession took place at the DISDH. Participants were children and families from DISDH Kindergarten, Preschool and Primary School.
Together with the Catholic parish Saint Rafael, many children and adults came to Westbroekpark in Scheveningen at 5.30 pm to commemorate the holy Martin and to convey the legend of St. Martin to the children. Preparing for the event, the children created their own colourful lanterns and practised St Martin songs.
With mild temperatures they walked together through Westbroekpark and enjoyed the colourful lights of the lanterns and the beautiful atmosphere. The children watched the St Martin game attentively and were happy to eat the home-baked “Weckermänner”.