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School trip to Brüggen
Datum Aktivität: 11/2/2016

It has become a tradition for our grade four pupils to get a break from regular school life for a couple of days in October going across the German border for a great experience.

So once again this year with suitcases fully packed, the students boarded the coach the week before the autumn holidays began. Nearly three hours of bus travel lay in front of them. Final destination: Brüggen, the idyllic city on the Lower Rhine in the west of North Rhine-Westphalia.
The teachers prepared an exciting program ensuring that none of the pupils would find the time to feel bored for even a moment. The students enjoyed activities such as rock climbing, archery, constructing small miniature towns as well as a wide selection of team games, all accompanied by the finest of weather. There was really something for everyone. And in the evening, one would expect that the students fell tired into their beds - not at all!  The children's disco opened their doors and waited for the young visitors.
After three days of new impressions and adventure, the students returned to The Hague. The beautiful days in Brüggen had gone by much too quickly.