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DISDH Summer Concert 2016
Datum Aktivität: 6/20/2016

Several ensembles new and old including the children's choir "Chorillas", the DISDH "Blue Horns”, the Clarinet Trio, the Primary School Musical AG and the Parent-Teacher-Student choir, presented an entertaining sequence of music from different styles. The evening was rounded out by outstanding individual performances by soloists in guitar, flute and voice.  A highlight of the concert was the self composed song with French  lyrics performed by grade 7 students

Overall the diversity of the programme and the range of ages represented made for an impressive showing bringing together the entire school community behind the veil of music.

The International School The Hague (ISH) Staff Choir took part in a DISDH concert for the first time opening up the possibility for future musical partnerships. Our thanks go out to all our musicians for a wonderful Summer concert.