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Preschool children enjoyed Carnival party at DISDH
Datum Aktivität: 2/2/2016

Our Primary School children together with some Kindergarten and Preschool children had lots of fun celebrating Carnival at DISDH. The party was organised by students in grade 11.

Among lots of other things, a costume contest was part of the party in which best disguise was awarded. Furthermore, the grade 11 students offered different activities including carnival face makeup, Stop Dance, Musical Chairs and a variety of other games. Refreshments were served as well.

Events like these are so special at our school because they bring our younger children together with older students in their familiar surroundings. Thus, the students interpret their place of learning with relaxation and fun.

The children clearly enjoyed the contact with the 'big' grade 11 students who in return were able to earn some money for their “Abitur” festivities including an Abi-Ball and an Abi-Newspaper.

We are looking forward to another great the carnival party next year!

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