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Only winners at DISDH-photo competition
Datum Aktivität: 12/8/2015

Once again this year again a photo competition was held at the DISDH. Many participants entered their photos on the topic "Nature in the City". On Friday 4 December, the winners were announced.

The Berlin-based photographer Erik-Jan Ouwerkerk was a member of jury for the second time this year.. On Friday, he gave the prizes which had been provided by the School association and the German Embassy.

The winners of this year's competition are:

1st place: Maria (class 9)
2nd place: Anna (class 7)
3rd place: Fynn (Primary school)
Audience Award: Adrian (class 6)

The aim of the photo competition was to train the gaze and the creative skills of the children and students. In addition, the identification and the "we-feeling" at our schoool were strengthened.

You can have a look at all contributions in our photo gallery.
We give great thanks to all participants and organisers for their commitment!