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Chinese delegation visits DISDH
Datum Aktivität: 11/30/2018

Prior to visiting the Dutch government, a high-ranking Chinese delegation from Yancheng (a city in eastern China with 8,285 million inhabitants, 17,000 km² area, half as many inhabitants and area as the Netherlands) came to DISDH to exchange views on educational issues.
Students from the DISDH China-AG as well as class 6b prepared a warm reception for the Deputy Head of Government Wang and Deputy Minister of Education Ding as well as other representatives of government and economy, before DISDH Principal, Mr Hinxlage and Mrs. Schoenemann, DISDH Board Member, welcomed the guests with tea. Mr. Rudolph gave a presentation about the school and afterwards there was an intensive exchange on topics relating to education and vocational training. To round out the visit, the guests were given a tour of the school and the chance to peek into a few classes. In their closing remarks, the delegation expressed how impressed they were by DISDH and its students.