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Sinterklaas arrived at DISDH

How happy we are that once again this year, “Sinterklaas” made a special visit to the DISDH helping children from Kindergarten, Preschool and Primary School feel the joy of the holiday season. The day began with the Kindergarten children in their familiar and trusted surroundings talking to “Sinterklaas” and his “Pieten” amid candlelight. They sang Christmas songs and ate “Pepernootjes”. From Kindergarten, “Sinterklaas” continued on to the waiting and excited Preschool children. Here too, stories were told and songs were sung. Some of the children even surprised “Sinterklaas” with their art works and pictures.  The next stop on “Sinterklaas’” busy day was the small Sports Hall where Primary School children performed Christmas plays they had especially prepared.

After such a heartwarming reception, “Sinterklaas” promised to remember all DISDH children when the Christmas season rings again next year.