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A Litre of Light and Schrinking Studies Ensure DISDH Success

Once again this year, DISDH presented itself in excellent form at the national competition of “Jugend Forscht” in Bremen. Kostas (grade 11) and Julia and Sofia (grade 6b) achieved great 2nd and 3rd place results in the field of physics.
Ann-Sophie, Lily and Sarah (grade 6a) and Lucia and Tobias (grade 5a) received special prizes for their research.
During the coming weeks an exhibition will be set up in the Foyer of DISDH. Interested parents and friends are welcome to take a look and learn from the different science projects on display.

We congratulate our students once again!

Placing :
"A Liter of Light: Optimising Experiments" (Physics)
Kosta, Grade 11
2nd Place

„Balloons and Water Bombs - A Study in Shrinking Part 2" (Physics)
Julia & Sofia, Grade 6b
3rd Place

„Can Plants Learn?" (Biology)
Lucia & Tobias, Grade 5a
Special Prize

„Natural Colours" (Chemistry);
Ann-Sophie, Grade 6b,
Lily & Sarah, Grade 6a
Special Prize