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"Jugend forscht" great success for DISDH students

Once again this year, a group of DISDH students participated at the regional “Jugend forscht” competition in Bremerhaven. In the subject areas "Physics", "Working Environment", "Biology" and "Chemistry", our young scientists not only achieved outstanding results with their projects, they also received a special prize in the field of "Renewable Energy". From 7 to 9 March 2018, the winning groups will once again give it their very best as they present their work in Bremen at the state championships.

We congratulate all our students on their outstanding achievements! The DISDH continues to keep their fingers crossed.

Youth and Science Research-Participants 2018

"A Liter of Light: Optimisation Experiments" (Physics)
Kosta, grade 11
First Place

"Optimisation of the Seebeck-Effect"
Wojciech, grade 11
First Place and Special Prize in the area of renewable energy

"The Best Marmelade" (Working world)
Andrian & Simon, grade 8
Special Prize – Year Subscription "Geolino"

"Vegetable Buffet and Labyrinth: “Guinea Pigs under Observation" (Biology)
Artemi & Paula, grade 6
Second Place

"Can Plants learn"
Lucia & Tobias, grade 5
First Place

"Natural Colours" (Chemistry)
Ann-Sophie, Lily & Sarah, grade 6
First Place

"Balloons and Water bombs – A Shrinking Study Part 2"
Julia & Sofia, grade 6
First Place