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International School Festival with brilliant sunshine

On 10 October DISDH celebrated an International School Festival. In finest weather many parents came along with their children and spent a lovely day on school campus.

With the help of volunteer parents and pupils the school festival at the DISDH was a wonderful event. Besides an international buffet, musical entertainment, face painting, a Wiener Café, a barbecue, a busy bouncy castle and many more activities a festive atmosphere was enjoyed by all.

Leila from grade zeven had her lucky day and won the 1st prize of the school raffle. She will go on a weekend trip to Munich with one other person.
All in all 250 euros were collected for the charity 'Deutschland hilft' for refugees in Germany. Around 100 euros of that was raised through the help of classes 3a, 3b and 6 by braiding hair and selling loomis.

We would like to thank all helpers and sponsors once again for their commitment. Also a big thank you to all visitors for coming.

Photos of the festival can be seen here.