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International Student Council Conference at DISDH

DISDH hosted the first EU Student Council Conference which began on Monday 9 October 2017. Among the participants are student representatives from German schools abroad in Moscow, London and St. Petersburg.

The aim of the conference is, in addition to general exchange, the consolidation and expansion of the international cooperation. Our students report:
"Last Saturday our guests arrived in The Hague. We met in the evening of the arrival day and enjoyed a nice dinner together. On Sunday we went sightseeing. During our city tour, we visited Madurodam, as well as the "Plein", Ridderzaal, Hoofdvijver, Gevangenenpoort and Paleis Noordeinde. After a lunch break, we walked along the beach and enjoyed the view from the Bungy Tower.

The conference started on Monday. We exchanged information on a variety of chool subjects, such as mobile phone control, experience in lessons, teaching programmes, after school offerings and events. On Wednesday morning, the conference was concluded with a joint breakfast.

A further seminar has already been planned for next year. Hopefully, it will take place abroad.

We thank our Student Council and all those involved for a great conference!