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DISDH welcomes 25 young pupils

In addition to the excited first graders, most of whom were well equipped with big school cones and school bags - parents and many grandparents joined the celebration to witness this special day. Of course the DISDH was well prepared with a colourful and diverse welcome programme for the new students. Grade 2 students performed a lovely playand all Primary School students in grades 2 to 4 sang several songs.

Following the performances, each new first grader was called up individually to receive his or her helium filled balloon. The children were then accompanied to their classroom with grade 2 students who helped them along. The students then experienced their very first lesson as pupils of the DISDH.

Meanwhile parents and grandparents enjoyed coffee and a cake buffet. After the first lesson had ended, the special day was recorded in photos and videos in the playground.

DISDH wishes its new students all the best and much success for their first year at school.

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