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Solar cars à la DISDH

Within the context of our Project Week, DISDH students under their teacher’s guidance created solar cars.

Our car was the last one to work. At first, it moved along slowly but then we managed to change the front wheels to be like the back wheels. Our car reached a top speed of 3km/hr and made it to a distance of 10 metres in just 11 seconds. You just have to believe us!
Stefan, grade 5a, Liv, grade 6b and Marie-Liesse, grade 9

This is our P-15. The “P” stands for Peasant. Our car drove slowly but at least it drove. We had a total of 15 versions with two additional versions belonging to another series. Our car has two motors as well as two solar panels. We hope you like our model solar car.
David, grade 6a, Maxi, grade 6a and Christopher, grade 9