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DISDH at "1, 2 oder 3"!

On 1 June, the journey began. Organised by several volunteers, our fourth graders accompanied by their teachers and some parents set out for Munich by train to take part in the TV programme “1, 2 oder 3” which originally started out in 1977 and is currently recorded in the Bavaria Film Studios.

In each broadcast, three teams compete against each other: one team from Germany, one from Austria and one team from a third country. As has become tradition, DISDH represented the third country for this particular show. Before our candidates participated in the recording, they were given a tour of the film studio which they enjoyed together with all their classmates. Seeing how a TV show is broadcast is of course, a very special experience. The candidates then demonstrated their knowledge at the Quiz show at which they came in first place in the first recording and second place in the second recording. On 4 July, the exciting trip and great days in Munich came to an end and our grade 4 students returned to The Hague with a great "1, 2 or 3" trophy in their luggage.

We would like to take this opportunity to thank the parents and teachers for their support in having accompanied the children on their trip.

We are all looking forward to watching our grade 4 students on television:
14 October 2017 (grade 4a)
16 December 2017 (grade 4b)