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AG Presentation Day attracts many visitors

40 different after school Activity Groups (AG) were offered during the 2016-17 DISDH school year. During the AG-Presentation Day, visitors had the chance to get a feel for the wide range of activities Those who needed a break after the many interesting presentations had the opportunity to enjoy beverages and a lovely cake buffet.

From classical sports such as football or badminton, Judo, self-defense and even yoga make up the comprehensive offer. If children would like to expand or improve their language skills, they could choose from one of the many Language AGs, available. For those more artistically inclined, music and arts are well represented in the AG schedule each week.

A current overview of the Activity Groups (Ags) offered at the DISDH can be found here.

We would like to thank all visitors for their interest and hope to welcome them and their children to one of our AGs (Activity Groups9 in the upcoming school year.