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Preschool children become Hundertwasser artists

Hundertwasser believed that man and nature should live together in harmony. In his paintings, he never incorporated straight lines as he believed that these contradict the forms of nature. Preschool children integrated this premise into their works and designs in an artistic Preschool project.

In September 2016, the children started to design spirals. After that, they painted the "five skins" which according to Hundertwasser represent protective layers in which man is surrounded. This was followed by the creation of houses which similarly rarely have straight lines but are full of bright colours. Each child was given the chance to create his or her own Hundertwasser house.

As the project developed, a two metre banner with Hundertwasser flowers was created stemming from a group work. Houses made of papier-mâché were built and some of the children chose to paint their own personal Hundertwasser works.

This special art project stretched across the school year. In addition to having learned about various painting techniques, the children’s eyes were opened to different worldviews and architecture.