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The President's history contest: special prizes for DISDH students

Paul Kaetzke, pastor of the German evangelical community in The Hague during the time of the Second World War, the" Bildersturm of 1566 "and" Faith in werewolves in the Netherlands in the 16th and 17th century "were only three of the topics students from grade 8 and 11 chose to explore within the context of the President's History Contest.

The jury’s results were announced: the website about Paul Kaetzke and the “Beeldenstorm” were rewarded with cash prizes. All participants receive a certificate of attendance. Every two years the competition takes place under a different main topic. This year’s theme was "God and the world. Religion makes history ". The condition to participate is that the work has a local or family reference. Close to 20 students from different grades showed great enthusiasm for the topic. For a period of six months, they did research in libraries and the Internet, interviewed experts and witnesses and evaluated sources and literature. The results were quite different - a website about Paul Kaetzke (Anna, Chiara and Alizée, grade 8), written works on the “Bildersturm” of 1566 (Matthias, grade 8), the werewolf beliefs in the Netherlands (Elena, Irina and Maria, grade 11) , the Dutch creed (Max V.S., grade 8), the coptic church in The Hague (Mark, grade 8) and a presentation on Charles de Foucauld (Pierre and Laurin, grade 8).

The competition is one of the most prestigious student competitions in Germany. For fFurther information, please see www.

The Paul Kaetzke website can be found at