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DISDH says goodbye to 17 graduates

“Who can stop this moment in time for us?” Following the words of Andreas Bouranis' song "Auf uns" 17 DISDH-graduates said goodbye.

On Friday 9 June 2017, the DISDH held a graduation ceremony for the 17 students in the graduating class. The ceremony was embedded in a program consisting of musical interludes and speeches.
At first the students and their families were welcomed with a glass of sparkling wine. Expressions of excitement and anticipation were visble in the students’ faces. After a musical introduction, the school Principal Uwe Hinxlage spoke to the “Abitur” - graduates and their relatives and recalled, among other things, the special week of final exams. The speech by Mr Brengelmann, Ambassador from the Federal Republic of Germany to the Netherlands, , was followed by further musical contributions and speeches including the valedictorians’ speeches delivered in German and English. Finally, the students received their “Abitur”- certificates and with which they finally reached the official end of their High School days.
After a group photo, joyous hugs and some tears, the newly-gifted graduates presented their own personal greeting. With song and instrumental accompaniment they presented Andreas Bouranis' song "Auf uns".
After the exciting ceremony, all the guests found themselves in the DISDH Foyer. With a joint glass of sparkling wine or appetizer, the successful Abitur was celebrated.
Four weeks before the start of the summer holidays, DISDH's school premises is now a little more empty - the classroom of our former twelfth-graders is suddenly "uninhabited." Nevertheless the whole school community enjoyed the students’ success.
We wish you and your families all the best and look forward to welcoming you soon as an alumni at the DISDH.

Click here to see the photos of this event.