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Great “Jugend forscht” results for DISDH students

DISDH students have achieved excellent results at the regional Jugend forscht competition in Bremerhaven. On 23 March 2017, the winners will travel to Bremen to the state championships.

On the afternoon of 14 February, a group of students left The Hague for Bremerhaven. There, they presented the results of their research. During the presentation, the creativity of the subject, the experimental planning, the execution of the experiment, the written elaboration, the visual impression and finally the oral presentation were evaluated by the scientific jury. All six groups from the DISDH achieved placements:

1st place: Dena & Laura (grade 7b): "Waste filter systems for rivers"
2nd place: Wojciech (grade 10): "The terrain handbike"

1st place: Vera & Leandra (grade 6a): "Tulpenzauber from Holland"
2nd place: Viktoria, Paula & Ann-Sophie (grade 5b): "The horror in the biology classroom"

1st place: Artemi, Julia & Sofia (grade 5a / b): "66 balloons - a shrinking hour"


3rd place: Elena & Lara (grade 6b): "What makes you fit for the exam?"

Our students’ work will be exhibited in the DISDH foyer.

We congratulate all our students on their outstanding achievements! The DISDH continues to keep their fingers crossed.