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Presentation on bilingual reading with Prof. Dr. Havva Engin

"The language in which you feel most comfortable expressing your feelings, in which you love, cuss and laugh, that is your first language - that is your heart-language!"

Prof. Havva Engin gave an interesting lecture for parents and colleagues on Wednesday 15 February on the definition and role of our" first language“ as well as on the relationship between language, feeling and identity. Prof. Engin vividly explained how we can use multilingual picture books to bring the first language of our children into play and how we can thereby strengthen our children’s personalities. Following her presentation, Prof. Engin, who speaks fluent German and Turkish, answered a wide range of questions about the individual language biographies at our international school.
Throughout the course of the morning, children from Kindergarten and Preschool as well as grade 1 Primary school students enjoyed small age appropriate workshops with Prof. Engin at which stories were told, questions were asked and songs were sung. Many different languages ​​were heard!

We are very pleased to point out that our library hosts a growing section of bilingual children's books.