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The universe, Scheveningse Museum and Christmas Cookies

Our grade 2 at the Scheveningse Museum

Last week, our second grade classes spent an exciting morning at the Scheveningse Museum. After have studied the topic of the "sea" for a long time, the children were able to rediscover a lot of what they had previously read and seen once they were in the museum.
During the museum lesson "Speuren in de vloedlijn", the children were allowed to look for mussels on the “Museumstrand” and then assign them to the proper point on a destination map. Following this activity, the children were given the chance to view and admire many marine animals either “real” or as reproductions. They looked at some with a magnifying glass and were permitted to touch others. Even an expedition to the deep sea was on the agenda. And those who looked closely could even find dragons and sea monsters.

A little closer to the universe – grade 4

This week, our fourth grade student got just a bit closer to the universe.In the context of the teaching programe "Cosmos", two fathers who work at the European Space Agency (ESA) attended class and gave a interesting lecture. The students received information about the development of our seasons and the planets in our solar system. For comparing the sizes of the particular planets, the fathers brought fruits ranging from pumpkins to peppercorns. We sincerely thank them for their time!

"Merry Christmas everywhere...

... it sounds through the air of joyous sound ".
Christmas trees, Christmas dreams, Christmas scents in grade three - together with some volunteer parents, five different varieties of Christmas cookies were baked: coconut macaroons, apricot rings, Swedish “lussekatter”, orange chocolate biscuits and shortcrust cookies. Children and adults showed great enthusiasm and enjoyed the delicious result.