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Parents give insight into their professions

On the subject of work and profession, two DISDH-fathers visited the Social Studies lesson of the third grade.

Mr. Spengler, employed at Europol in The Hague and the father of Paul, talked to the children about his tasks. The children listened intently and attentively and asked many questions. Happily,  Mr. Spengler was able to answer most of them.
Next up was Mr. Guimaraes, father of Fynn, who described his normal working day at the company Iglo. He explained to the children how he encourages his customers to shop at Iglo. Again, the students asked many questions such as the type and duration of training. In addition, many children wanted to know whether the fathers have fun in their respective professions.

The DISDH thanks both fathers very much for their informative visit.